Yoga Sutras 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. What is yoga, its goal, and why.

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I have a passion for helping women in their personal growth, so they can feel that anything is possible in life. Blogging is one way I do that; another medium for me to share a more personal side of the whole journey. 

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Have you been interested in diving a little deeper into your yoga practice, but at the same have been intimidated by the philosophical texts? Today we are doing an introduction to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali which are one of the foundational texts of yoga philosophy and practice. There are 100s of translations and commentaries or the original text and they were written over 2000 years ago, so no wonder it could be intimidating.

The sutras are made of 195 or 196 aphorisms (depending on the source). They are divided into 4 chapters or books called pada.

The first pada, which is where you’ll find the sutras we are exploring today describes yoga, its goal, and why we want to focus on that. 

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I have a passion for helping women in their personal growth, so they can feel that anything is possible in life. Blogging is one way I do that; another medium for me to share a more personal side of the whole journey. Self-Study, awareness, and inquiry are a big part of my path. Join me as I use my experiences as the base for the lessons I want to share. I write about what I know and what helps me, hoping that it will help you.

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