Get out of overwhelm and stress by learning to support and not fight your sensitivity

calling in all Highly sensitive women,

Get out of overwhelm and anxiety by embracing your sensitivity, not hiding it.

Learn mind-body-spirit practices so you can finally regulate your nervous system and be more in control of your emotions It's time to feel empowered and trust yourself to be able to deal with anything that happens.

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Is this you?

You are exhausted by your mind spinning in worry and anxiety

You feel weak and have to push past your limits to keep up

You crave deeper, secure and more intimate relationships

Your emotions are overwhelming and you'd rather avoid them

You are aching for support and healthier coping strategies 

You have accomplished so much already...

You’re reflective and self-aware but sometimes that leads you to 


 and keeps you stuck in your head. 

You’re willing to embrace life’s up's and down's but you're often 

and triggered 

which makes you feel out  of control.

which makes you feel 

out of control.

You care deeply about others and want to help but struggle

setting boundaries



and end up

exhausted and unable to care for yourself.


exhausted and unable to care for yourself.

You strive for deep connection but have to

disconnect and pull away


to protect yourself energetically.

We focus on the nervous system so you can take care of yourself while having the bandwidth to do the work

We release tension, past experiences, and emotions that are trapped in your body to stop repeating the same patterns and create long lasting change.

We approach your sensitivity with compassion and acceptance to deepen your relationship to yourself and create a ripple effect in all your external relationships.

one step at the time, we reconnect, recharge and reset

I know you’ve listened to podcasts, talked to your friends, heck maybe even to a therapist, but nothing has really helped long term.

Therapists and other coaches focus on mindset, but you’ve realized that you can’t think yourself out of overwhelm. Instead of keeping you in your mind, we focus on hands-on, body-based approach. 

Or maybe you’ve invested in courses and coaching before... but the work was too much on top of everything you already juggle. I know all the little details that matter to not overload your plate and I've built this program with YOU in mind. 

Let go of shame and become unapologetically yourself

Learn to take care of yourself so you can show better up for others

Respond instead of react  and voice your needs to be a better friend and better partner.

Feel in control of your emotions, while being confident go to with the flow.

Imagine if you could...

It's ok to want to stop feeling overwhelmed all the time, limited by your sensitivity or even resentful for it.

The Sensitivity Reset


What You Get When You Sign Up

A 12-week live group coaching program for highly sensitive women to get rid of overwhelm and embrace their sensitivity through nervous system regulation.

 Releasing Overwhelm for a Happier Life

The easy and digestible bite-size videos teach you all the tools you need to get out of overwhelm and embrace your sensitivity. 

9 Self-Paced Modules

The live group calls will give you a chance to workshop, embody and practice the tools you learn in the modules.

live group calls

You'll be able to ask questions as you go and discuss your experience with other participants, so you feel support and accountability along the way. 

private community platform

Reflect and deepen your awareness with journaling questions and worksheets providing structure and support to your learning.


The extra ressources will be like the cherry on top to go further in any concept covered when you have the bandwidth to learn more. 

video practices and handpicked resources

Take a Peek Inside the Program

  • Slow down your racing mind with mindfulness practices.
  • Get crystal clear about the impact of high sensitivity on your life and pin point the sources of your overwhelm and stress. 
  • Stop feeling defective by understanding the reasons why you are who you are.

Being Overwhelmed as an HSP

Module One

  • Learn to listen and assess where you are energetically.
  • Get resourced enough to give yourself permission to feel.
  • Feel without getting stuck in it by learning how to shift and create change.

Meet Yourself Where You Are With Love

Module Two

  • Uncover your body’s brilliant communication system to deepen your relationship to yourself
  • Feel rested and energized as you learn to support and heal your nervous system
  • Build more self-trust as you practice showing up for yourself.

Nervous System and Regulation

Module three

  • Explore how to support and not fight your sensitivity. 
  • Create a personalized self-care routine that is powerful yet easily doable.
  • Level up your lifestyle to eradicate choice fatigue

Day-to-Day Protocol

Module four

  • Protect yourself and keep out energies that don’t support your life. 
  • Set gentle boundaries to enhance connection.
  • Learn to let go of people pleasing to enjoy mutually satisfying relationships.

Boundaries for Protection and Connection.

Module five

  • Feel empowered by focusing on what you can control.
  • Stop the blaming game and taking responsibility for your life.
  • Shift out of perfectionism and step into confidence. 

The Power You Have

Module six

  • Uncover triggers from past events and their hidden messages.
  • Access your pain in a way that is productive and gentle.
  • Connect to your inner child to address their unmet needs.

Healing the past

Module seven

  • Tap into your intuition to make decision-making effortless.
  • Let go of what stands in your way and invite in what you need on a new level.
  • Deepen your connection to yourself, your self-acceptance, and compassion.

Leaning Into Your Gifts With Spiritual Practices

Module eight

  • Integrate everything you've learned so that your new tools fall into place seamlessly
  • Get a crystal-clear roadmap with your most important takeaways so you always have the support you need at your fingertips 
  • Have the bandwidth to plan the future and create a life that is aligned and fulfilling.

Living in authenticity for better life satisfaction

Module nine


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Avoid the communication breakdowns that are common in HSP’s relationships by enhancing intimacy, increasing empathy and decreasing your irritability and self-criticism. It's time to up-level your relationships.




Build a stronger sense of purpose and fulfillment by managing your overwhelm and prioritizing self-care to have time and energy to give to yourself and be there for others. It's time to up-level the way you show up in the world.


"Life changing!

This program has been more healing than my many years being in traditional therapy. 

The Sensitivity Reset has been the perfect launching pad to completely change how I view and manage my stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm. Before this program, I felt like life was happening to me - I felt out of control and completely disconnected from myself and the people in my life.

This program has provided me with the tools to take responsibility for my own well-being in a loving and compassionate way, providing me with manageable action steps to make meaningful change in my life. 

This course has helped me heal wounds I didn’t even know that were there. I am truly so thankful I invested in myself. It has been worth it and more. Erika is an incredible source of knowledge, combining her gentle calming presence with the push you need to hold you accountable. I hope this program reaches more highly sensitive people like me, I truly believe it will make an incredible impact on others as well. " -Alyssa D.


"My sensitivity no longer feels like my flaw, but my superpower...

As an HSP, I always struggled with an inner monologue of self-doubting questions: “Why am I like this? Why do I burn out faster than others? Why am I so reactive? Am I too sensitive?” All areas I deemed my “flaws.” Erika created a space where I was able to uncover, understand, and experience connectivity with all aspects of myself like I never have before.

I was burning the candle at both ends for years. I was fighting against what my mind and body were telling me for so long, rather than listening to what my nervous system was trying to tell me. With Erika’s guidance, tools, and techniques I am able to approach situations with less reactivity and more thoughtfulness. I have more patience for myself, and others. I now understand my energetic boundaries, and when I need to reset."

 - Logan S.

My mind, body, & soul are finally all communicating with each other, and that feels beautiful and empowering


"It's been a massive transformation for me!

The Sensitivity Reset with Erika was a life changing experience. 

I learned so much about myself and my nervous system in just ten weeks. I’ve learned to use my sensitivity as a superpower to tap into my intuition and creativity instead of letting it lead to overwhelm and burnout. It’s been a massive transformation for me.

Erika is an amazing coach and guide. She is knowledgeable, genuine, comforting, great at explaining complex things, and truly compassionate. She really cares about your well-being and it shows in her work.

-Jody D.


"best decision ever.

Working with Erika was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have gained a greater understanding of myself and my emotions, and the tools to navigate daily challenges and relationships with more ease and presence.

This is a program that will benefit me for the rest of my life. I’m so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program and for Erika’s coaching and support. 

- Sarah B

This is a program that will benefit me for the rest of my life.


"what an incredible experience!

Erika was able to take me through each emotional layer with techniques that were helpful, effective and powerful in releasing everything I was holding onto.

She facilitates a very comfortable and compassionate space that feels safe to be vulnerable in. Our sessions were powerful and I now feel incredibly free. My relationship to myself and with my loved ones has immensely improved. And pain I was experiencing in my back completely resolved itself.  She is a very kind, grounded and a gifted coach. You won’t regret it!"

-Dominique R.



Feeling an immense amount of safety in Erika's presence, I was able to get into my body (I am always trapped into my logical mind), and experience an incredible emotional release and unblocking of trapped energy.  This was exactly what I needed to realize the power of my body.  Erika has a way with words where she prompts you to come to your own realizations which helped me figure out a major pain from my childhood I was still holding onto. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Erika, and I'm so excited to continue working with her for future sessions and healing."

- Alex Kennedy

I can't put into words how powerful her somatic coaching is.

As a highly sensitive person myself, I've learned the hard way what it takes to thrive in a world that is not meant for highly sensitives. Since 2015, I have helped sensitive women let go of overwhelm and self-rejection by healing their nervous system through mind-body-spirit practices. I'm living proof of the power of self-healing as I have grown and worked through eating disorders, chronic illness, addiction, mental illness, and childhood trauma. Get on this awareness, compassion, embodiment, and transformational journey with me.

Learn more

Study at your own pace

get accountability


Follow a proven roadmap

Try My Program for 15 days. Get your money back if it doesn't serve you.

I am confident that this coaching course will help you overcome overwhelm and anxiety. I stand behind the program and am willing to guarantee your satisfaction. If after completing the first two modules of the course and completing all the exercises and assignments within 15 days, you feel that the program has not helped you in any way, simply contact me and I will gladly refund your money. I believe in the effectiveness of this program and I am committed to providing a risk-free experience for all of my clients.

money back 


Frequently asked questions

The program is 8 modules long spread out over 10 weeks. With the preparation and the bonuses, you will need 3 months from start to finish. The modules will be released as we go, leaving time to catch up twice over the 10 weeks. 

If you can dedicate two-three hours a week, you’ll have a great experience. Once you sign up, we’ll talk about ways to create time and space to get the most out of the program. And if there’s a week or two you can’t take part, the program allows you to move at your own pace and catch up.

There’s no getting behind really as you can go at your own pace and return to past modules as much as you want and you’ll have access to the material forever. With the 2 breaks, you’ll get a chance to rest so your stress doesn’t turn to overwhelm or catch up on things you didn’t have time to do, so you don’t feel like you’re behind.

It depends on how much attention and effort you put in. If you come ready to grow and willing to try to do things differently, you’ll start to see change as early as week 2.

Schedule a call first or sign up for the waitlist. Once the cart is open, you'll choose your payment option. After you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to the learning portal and all the details you’ll need to get started.

This program includes everything you need to get out of overwhelm as an HPS.

As you learn how to support your sensitivity and regulate your nervous system and you start applying these lessons to your everyday life, you’ll start to see the needle move. Watch as your life changes, your physical and mental health improves, and your relationships are transformed. 

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