Yoga and Somatics On-Demand

Do you want to get a taste of what I teach? Get out of your mind and into your body so you can manage your stress response and learn to trigger your relaxation response. The on-demand membership is your most affordable and easiest option to start feeling better right away.  


Money and time are tight right now but you are done feeling stuck, shut down, and like you can’t function.

I've gotcha covered. Have access to great tools to use RIGHT in the moment of overwhelm, without having to wait for the next group coaching. Feel like yourself again, practice showing up for yourself while gently engaging at your own pace and without any performance anxiety.

You have total control - how much you do, when, and if you stay in your pajamas! 



Best Savings

1 new practice/month

Almost 60 practices available

Movement, Breath, Meditations

10 - 30 min practices



Best Value

Enough Said, I'm In!

Monthly series of 12 practices

1 hour long classes

Hatha + Yoga Tune Up

Almost 500 classes available

browse this library

browse this library

On demand is right for you if you want to

Pay the price of 1 class for a month of classes

Slowly and safely expand your comfort zone

Take your favorite class over and over again

Practice whenever YOU want (or need)



“There's a way out. 

These classes have helped me believe there's a way out of my feelings of overwhelm and overstimulation."
- Aurora F

“Any class Erika offers is a gift to your heart, mind and body.

She is a gifted teacher and guide who shares her wisdom and insight with genuine love, compassion and care.
- Findlandia G

“These practices are soooo helpful.

When I'm feeling terrible, I do the Yoga for Overwhelm video and it helps me so much.
Thank you. - Sarah H

“ Erika has taught me so much about what my individual body needs and her methods have really helped me. 

I love her sense of humor and inviting personality which makes her classes that much more enjoyable. - M.C.

“It is obvious that Erika truly believes in what she is teaching and it comes through. 

I love her lightness, relatability and knowledge of the subject. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable.” 

enough said! I'm in

Your Yoga Cheat-Sheet to Prepare to Sit

Open your hips and groin so you can access a deeper state of meditation without the distraction of physical discomfort. Get more out of every minute you sit with this self-led yoga practice.