Learn to manage your thoughts, feel your feelings and regulate your nervous system so you can meet your needs, respond instead of react and fall in love with yourself again.

Ready to get out of overwhelm and transform your sensitivity into your superpower?

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What I Do

Re-awaken to who you truly are, so you can stop living on autopilot and start showing up authenticity and unapologetically to build a life you truly LOVE.  Tap into your courage as you learn the tools of transformation.


My story is one of hope, courage, and resilience. I have a passion for helping womxn with their personal growth so they’re able to feel that anything is possible. It's all about moving out of fear. Being able to show up with kindness to allow yourself to move out of hopelessness. And above all, living your path, and aligning with love, truth, and wisdom. 

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Are you too sensitive or are they mean? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, take this quiz to find out once and for all. You will learn how sensitive you really are, and how understanding your sensitivity can be the key to managing overwhelm and learning to make the most of it.

Join the other women who finally know how to cope with the challenges of being highly sensitive while embracing themselves to let it become one of their greatest strength.



Flow along with me and my online community to help cultivate presence, flexibility, and strength by following our theme of the month live on Zoom.

The perfect, pre-recorded yoga class for your needs - anytime, anywhere, any way you want it. You’ll finish feeling grounded, open-hearted, and totally renewed.

Work on your specific goals, address your personal challenges, and get one-on-one attention to propel your practice forward.

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are you really too sensitive?


On & Off Your Mat is a yoga podcast filled with truly engaging interviews from the most inspiring and accomplished spiritual teachers in the world.

Get inspired by their stories, learn their best-kept secrets, and discover how to apply everything they know to your practice and your life off the mat.

Start here, with On & Off Your Mat Podcast’s recent popular episodes:

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On & Off Your Mat

"“An absolute must-listen for all women.”"


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The blog is where I share all my best self-help tools, tips for your yoga practice, and relatable personal experiences.

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"Anything Erika offers is a gift to your heart, mind and body. She is a gifted teacher and guide who shares her wisdom and insight with genuine love, compassion and care. "