Recharge, Reconnect and Reset -The Retreat

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala,
April 2024

Photo Courtesy Villa Sumaya

Are you ready to hit the reset button,
melt stress away and transform your
life inside and out?

 I've gotcha covered. Drop the hustle lifestyle to immerse yourself in relaxation, mindfulness, and self-care practices so you can recharge depleted energy, reconnect with yourself on a deeper level and find your spark within a supportive community of yogis and HSP.


THIS is right for you if you want to

Get off the hamster wheel to unwind, find inner calm and restore balance

Replenish your energy and revitalize your mind, body and soul

Connect with nature and like-minded people to experience more authenticity and a sense of unity

Go on the best vacation of life while focusing on growth and healing

“ Erika’s retreat has helped me overcome my loss of belief in myself...



The energy and support of the group, coupled with Erika’s skilled leadership, motivation and sensitivity helped me find the strength and confidence I had in myself and allowed me to take my practice to a higher level, physically, spiritually and mentally…"

Ed s. Mexico 2022

Ed. S. Mexico 2022

“ Erika puts on an incredible yoga retreat!



She is really in tune with the needs of the group and makes sure that everyone has a positive experience. I can't say enough great things about this experience and I can't wait to do it again! "

 Emotional overwhelm that makes you snappy, reactive and shameful.

Lack of spark, feeling "blah" and living on autopilot.

Feelings stuck, frozen and wondering "What's the point of trying?"

The physical tension and mental exhaustion that comes from the hustle loop.

Imagine if you could say good bye to...

I know you've practiced yoga, heck maybe you’ve even explored some nervous system regulation practices, but you only get temporary relief...

It’s possible to get to the source of your stress and sensitivity and create long-lasting change in your overall well-being.

I know you’ve learned to avoid and numb yourself to soothe yourself, you push pass your limits thinking you need to get everything done before you can rest, and you prioritizing the well-being of others to feel valued, loved and purposeful.

Other retreats offer yoga and adventure, but we’ll also break those patterns by creating safety from within, cultivating self-compassion and healing your nervous system.

“ The yoga retreat with Erika exceeded my expectations!



The classes were accessible to all different levels of yoga. The workshops to be very beneficial. Overall this retreat helped me to increase my mindfulness and my yoga practice in everyday life."

Guatemala is known as the land of eternal spring. The dry season is typically from November to April (their peak season), during which time they have almost no rainfall and temperatures between 60 and 85 degrees.


The yoga shalas are world-class group
facilities with palm roofs, simple lines and a
unique Asian motif. Each space features panoramic lake and volcano views. They also offer 2 open-air practice spaces.

Temple space

22 comfortable, elegantly-decorated guest
rooms with patios, surrounded by lush grounds containing tropical flora, medicinal herbs and relaxing hammocks


Villa Sumaya Retreat Center is Featured in Yoga Journal and Taschen’s Best Yoga Retreats center. They offer a uniquely inviting destination on the picturesque shores of Lake Atitlan.

Retreat Center


Transportation from/to the airport

Spa, Boutique, Kayak rentals

Air Fare

What's not included:

2 ceremonies and 1 excursion

Yoga twice a day  + coaching workshops 

3 vegetarian meals per day*

What's included:

Lake atitlan - Guatemala

apr. 6th-13th 2024

RRR - The Retreat

all the details you need to KNOW about

*option for meat at extra charge at lunch and dinner

We will visit authentic Cumarcaj Mayan ruins and one of Guatemala’s most famous marketplaces, known for its colorfully and brightly dressed Quiche Maya


This retreat includes 2 Mayan Ceremonies to connect to the land and honor Guatemala's traditions of ritualized practices for heart-centered connection with Great Spirit.


Room for 7 nights (in double or triple occupancy)

Taxes, Service Fees and Tip

You are worthy of putting yourself first and it's safe to step away from all your responsibilities for a week... 

deposit + 3 payments of $675


Best Flexibility

As soon as you commit, you pick your room

One payment in full

One payment in full


Best Value

Enough Said, I'm In!

NEXT Sep. 23, Jan 24, Mar 24

Deposit to rsvp your room

Since 2015, I have hosted a handful of yoga retreats and immersions in the US and Mexico.  My retreats are a mix of my yoga teaching and sensitivity coaching. My focus is always the same; helping you let go of overwhelm and stress by learning to manage your thoughts, feel your feelings and heal your nervous system through mind-body-spirit practices. I'm living proof of the power of self-healing as I have grown and worked through eating disorders, chronic illness, addiction, mental illness, and childhood trauma. Get on an awareness, compassion, embodiment, and transformational journey with me.

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“ If you want the ultimate experience, this is it. 



You'll get an incredible location and food, the awesomeness of Erika and true yoga of union with God. You have the essentials needed for a retreat like this is the place and the person to be with!”

Deanne R. Mexico 2022


“It is obvious that Erika truly believes in what she is teaching and it comes through. 



I love her lightness, relatability and knowledge of the subject. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable.”




“Any class, workshop, or retreat that Erika offers is a gift to your heart, mind and body. 

She is a gifted teacher and guide who shares her wisdom and insight with genuine love, compassion and care. Every yoga experience with Erika is structured to challenge, increase awareness of alignment, focus on breath work and ultimately allow each yogi to feel successful and fulfilled. It is a beautiful journey.”


“ She has taught me so much about what my individual body needs and her methods have really helped me. 



I love her sense of humor and inviting personality which makes her classes that much more enjoyable, even when doing the most challenging things!”


Frequently asked questions

This immersion is for all levels. The yoga practices include Hatha, yin, restorative, meditation, breath work and somatic coaching. You'll never have 2 flow classes in one day. I will offer variations, and encourage you to listen to your own body. If there's ever a time where you feel the need to sit a practice out, that is also completly ok.

The practices are by definition an internal process. You will also get free time to retreat to your room, a hammock or to journal and read. The group energy is there as a support, but you are there for yourself, your growth and your healing.

This particular retreat is co-ed, although usually filled by a majority of women.  Couples are common.  Rooms will be shared with members of the same sex unless requested by both participants.

You don't need to be anything. Some spirituality will be infused in the yoga practice by design. If there's anything you are not comfortable with,  you will have the option to skip. The ceremonies are also not mandatory and are used as a way to deepen your connection to yourself, nature and the land where we will be. 

Villa Sumaya is about a 3h taxi ride from the airport. Once, you get to the lake, you will also need to take a boat across to the retreat's deck.

Let's go

Step away so you can return to your daily life feeling rejuvenated and equipped to make it last.